Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Post-Katrina Portraits" and other work by Francesco di Santis

/the remarkably talented and fascinating artist Francesco di Santis created these portraits using oil pastels along with earthtone paints he created himself using different types of clay he mined from the ground. his work is unbelievable not only for his experimental, self-taught methods and media, but also for the social movements he has worked to give voice to. for one of his "portrait story projects", he traveled extensively in Appalachia working on "Voices for Appalachia", which documents the lives of those affected by the intensely destructive practices of the coal-mining industry in the region. he also traveled to new orleans to create his "Post-Katrina Portraits series, which he also made into a self-published coffee table book(slideshow below or view here). both series combine his portraits with the words of the subjects themselves. Please check out the work of this amazing young artist./


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